4 Side by Side Maintenance task to Keep your UTV in a Top Notch Condition

Nothing holds a candle to spending your day in the sand dunes or driving through the backwoods trails on your side by side. When you are going rough on your ride, you need to ensure that you are maintaining the machine on a regular basis. Inspecting the oil, coolant, spark plugs are the most common maintenance tasks you can perform all year and it enhances the lifespan of your side by side significantly. And if you fail to maintain your UTV and you have no choice but to replace it, you can always buy used SXS, you can comparer les cote a cote here. If your current SXS is working fine and just need minimal or no repairs, here are some of the more maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your UTV in a top notch condition.

  1. Coolant

You don’t need to replace the coolant that often, but it is essential to ensure that the coolant is retained on a radar when it comes to maintenance of the side by side. If it is consistently on the low even when you are filling it, your machine may be having a problem like a leaking head gasket, so always monitor your coolant so you are always aware of the hidden issues before they show up.

  1. Oil

If you don’t keep the oil in your side by side clean and get it replaced every often, then you will not be able to run your UTV like a well oiled machine. Most of the SXS tend to work well when you have roughened them up on your ride. So, even if the machine is new, always make it a practice to inspect your oil as a regime of your pre-ride checklist to ensure that the oil levels are on the top. Also ensure to invest some time in changing your oil frequently, particularly when you ride often.

  1. Electrical system

Before riding, visually inspect your side by side to ensure that the wires are in place. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to rip the wires out of their places, and they tend to become loose on a sharp rock or a strong branch signifies that your UTV needs a repairing touch. If you see that some wires are becoming loose on the trail, then pull out the tape and secure them so that you can finish your ride and make the most of it.

  1. Radiator cap

If your radiator cap is not able to form a tight seal, then it may not work properly. The responsibility of the radiator cap is to keep the coolant in your engine retained. The seal creates a vacuum as well to pull the coolant into the radiant as required, so a poor seal on your radiator cap can cause serious issues when not addressed.

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