Are American Force forged wheels?

In the world of aftermarket truck wheels, American Force often stands out with its ornate spoke designs, huge diameters, and deep dish rims. Our customers often ask us about what makes American Force different from other truck-wheel brands. This guide will explain American Force’s manufacturing process and its business philosophy.

Forged wheels

American Force is the only manufacturer of forged wheels. Forged wheels can be made by turning a round bar from forged aluminum on a CNC machine. Forging wheels requires less material than casting. This results in lighter wheels. Cast wheels are less strong than forged wheels, so forged wheels can be made to larger sizes than cast wheels. Cast wheels tend to be more expensive than forged wheels because of the cost of forging. They are more durable and offer greater value over the long-term because of their superior structural integrity.

Made to Order

You may have noticed that American Force wheels are not in stock and cannot be shipped anywhere. The company does not keep stock. American Force wheels are made to order by CNC machining. This ensures that you receive exactly what you ordered. Although it is true that it will take some time to receive your wheels, this also means that you get a set of rims that are almost custom-made and sure to be the envy in every truck that passes you.

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