Don’t Be Content With Limited Opportunities – Explore a Variety of Trucking Job To Expand

Over the last decade, the trucking business has expanded and the upward trend will continue for years to come. The major contributor to trucking business expansion is technological advancement with a variety of fleet available to do the job. This has, in turn, opened new opportunities for truck drivers in trucking jobs in Long Beach, CA to explore.

Duncan & Son Lines, located in Phoenix AZ and Long Beach, CA provides high respects to the trucking drivers and has very low turnover. This indirectly means unlimited growth opportunities to explore within the same company. Below are a few types of trucking jobs to look out for that best suits your requirements and experience.

You will have to select the trucking job based on two categories 

(a) Based on driving.

(b) Based on truckload.

(a) Based on driving

  • LTL driving: Also known as less-than-truckload, it is generally used to deliver multiple goods and items at multiple destinations. To get the LTL driving, the experience is mandatory.
  • OTR driving: In Over-the-truckload, the goods are delivered at irregular routes. This helps the driver to travel at various locations, destinations generally out of comfort zone. This type of job is meant for those who wants to explore new place and loves driving longer length.

  • Solo driving: The solo drivers single-handedly drive the vehicle as per his schedule and timing, provided the load is reached at the destination place at a specified time.
  • Local driving: The destination for the load transport is generally intercity wherein the driver returns after the delivery of goods on the same day. The payment is generally on an hourly basis instead of miles traveled.
  • Regional driving: If you are allocated Long Beach region, you will need to drive along this region for any of the deliverables.
  • Team driving: A team of 2 drivers drives to the destined place of delivery. This is a win-win situation for both the company and truck drivers.

(b) Based on truckload: 

  • Dry Van: The drivers have steering for the delivery of non-perishable goods. It is meant for beginners and has a limited source of income.
  • Refrigerated Freight: In this type, the truck is loaded with perishable items. Time factor plays a vital role, hence you are paid a good amount as compared to other dry van.

  • Auto mover: The truck is loaded with auto/car for transporting from one place to another. This is an extremely valuable shipment.
  • Tanker mover: In this type, special precaution is required from the drivers, since the trucks are loaded mostly with oil, gas, chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  • Heavy equipment loader: This type of truck is loaded with heavy equipment with flatbed trailers.

Thus, the scope of opportunities is vast in case of trucking jobs. You get a chance to upgrade your skills and earn more through your dedication.

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