How to Classify Things You Should Keep and Throw Away

You own a lot of things at home. Some of them are useful, while others don’t serve any purpose. The problem is when you already have a lot of things inside your house. Some items are already obstructing your movement. These tips will help you classify which items you need to keep and the ones you need to throw away.

Frequency of use

Items that you use daily or weekly need to stay. If you kept some of them in boxes tucked somewhere in your house, you have to check if they’re still valuable. You didn’t use some of them for over a year, and it’s a clear sign that those things have to go.

Value of items

Some things remain in your storage boxes because they’re valuable. They could be limited-edition items that will increase in value over time. Others are vintage items that manufacturers no longer produce. If you decide to keep them for now before selling, it’s a smart idea. However, if there are things that are of no value at all, you have to throw them away.

Determine which items you can sell

You might have a lot of things that are no longer useful to you, but could be valuable to others. You have to consider selling them. Hold a garage sale and allow your neighbors to pick which one they want to buy. You can also sell them online. Take a photo of these things and post them on your social media accounts. Consider selling some items in recycling centers. Used paper, wire, metals, and old appliances are valuable if sold in bulk to these recycling centers.

You should also let go of that old car in your garage. You don’t intend to use it anymore, and repairing it would cost you a lot. You need to sell it to junk car buyers who can scrap the parts. They will find a way to make money out of the useful items inside the car. You can start by typing We Buy Junk Cars online so you can transact with buyers in your area.

Never use your emotions

When you identify the items to keep and let go, you need to take your emotions out of the equation. Otherwise, you will think about keeping all of them. Make sure that you only keep the ones that are still useful. If you sell the rest, you shouldn’t feel bad. Think of it as a way of helping others. Besides, if these things allow you to remember good memories, there are other ways to do so. You can store digital photos or only keep some as memorabilia.

It takes time to identify the things to keep and let go. Take your time and be smart in doing the task. You can also ask for help from your children if you have a hard time deciding. After taking out all the things you don’t need, you will realize you have a lot of space at home.


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