How to Take care of Your Car Headlamps 

Every driver knows the importance of his headlamps. Driving in the night, a cloudy day or any other condition that leads to reduced visibility, driving without headlamps will be very dangerous, that is if it is possible. Of course you’re to ensure that your headlamps are working. However, having perfect visibility goes beyond this, you lights can be hampered by fogging of your headlamp lenses. And in this article we’ll be seeing how you can take care or this issue.      

Causes of Foggy Headlights

Way older car models didn’t have to deal with these issues; however, newer models are having the challenge. The product used in making lenses or newer car models is called polycarbonate, it is hard and scratch resistant, and however, it has its underside. It reacts with the sun’s uv rays and then the light from your headlamps. All these work together to cause some kind of a film on the lenses which then makes light to come out dull. So how do we deal with this? It’s easy; we’ll be showing you the right steps below.

You need some toothpaste, or some baking soda, a piece of cloth, brush (soft bristles) and a mild cleanser.

How to Clear Fog from Your Headlamps

First you need a clean surface to work on, so you need to clean your headlamp lens. That’s where the detergent or mild cleanser comes in, sprinkle a little on the lens and clean off any dirt that might be present on the lens.

Next apply your toothpaste or baking soda, now this will serve as the headlight restorer. If you’re using baking soda, you want to add a little bit of water to make it into a paste. After applying it to the lens give it a few minutes to get dry.

Now with your brush, gently clean off the restorer which should be quite dry by now.  Do it gently, so that you don’t scratch you head lamp lens. After you’re done, wash off any residue that might remain with water and dry with the piece of cloth or towel. Fix back you headlamp lenses and you’re ready to go. It‘s actually that simple. This is more like a homemade remedy, but it works like any other. There are products which are specifically designed for this. You can get them in most shops were auto parts are sold.

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