Refer to this Handy Guide when Tinting Your Headlights

Applying tint to your headlight can be deemed a radical transformation to your vehicle. It is more of a detail than a transformation. It gives your car a stealthy look. It also sets your car apart from the others. It also adds accent to your paint color, rim color, brake calipers and other car components as well. To render your car unique, you need to go for a headlight tint to make everyone take a look. Apart from the visual highlight, it also protects the headlight from road debris that accumulates. Cleaning the debris is also not an easy task. When going for headlight tint in Tucson, AZ, it saves your headlight from all debris. They are also easily removable and you can apply a new layer.

Types of Tint available

You may picture headlight tint as window tint. Yes, it creates a darker look on them which is a perfect match with the tinted windows as well. Headlight tint film is also available in many assorted colors that make your car look unique. When experimenting your headlights with other accent colors on your car such as rims, brake calipers or contrasting side mirror caps, you can mix and match to create a color scheme. The headlight tint film is available in entire rolls or in pre cut sheets to fit the car’s headlight. Going with the former makes sure that you have extra material if you make a mistake somewhere and the latter takes the guesswork out when installing.

Installation process

1.     This job needs patience and eye for detail. But if you want to go DIY, then you may not need a professional. There are many resources available to get the best possible results.

2.     If you have an experience by installing a vinyl film on your car or windows, then this job is a cup of tea for you. If you are new at this, then this is the good place to begin with.

3.     So, before installing, clean your headlights well. Use masking tape to gauge if the lights are clean enough to install the tint. If the tape sticks, you are good to go. If it doesn’t, then clean it till the tape sticks.

4.     Always use quality tools. The better your tools work, the more effective the installation will be. If you have a steady hand and have a lot of patience, then go for whole sheets instead of pre cut film. In this way, you will have more material to work with and mistakes can be rectified.

5.     After installation, keep both the sides lubricated to prevent premature adhesion on the inside and scratching on the outside.

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