Things to Consider When Involved in Bus Accident as A Victim

Passengers riding in a tour, city or school bus are entrusting their safety to the bus owner and driver. On a bus, people feel safe and secure. Therefore, many buses don’t have seat belts and even if they have people hardly use them.

Unfortunately, when there is a bus accident then the consequences are more significant than car collisions. There are more responsible parties, more victims and even the injuries will possibly be graver due to no seat belts or airbags.

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Accidents are messy but here are some things you require to do after a bus accident

Take medical help right away

The moment you exit the bus safety, ensure to move away instantly as there is a possibility of bus catching fire. Get to a safe spot and get medical help as soon as possible. In case, you have severe injuries then you may be brought to the hospital in an ambulance for instant medical attention.

Make a call and talk to witnesses

If you don’t need medical care, then report this accident to the local police station. The bus driver will obviously report this to their supervisors and authorities but if you can make a call to file a report. Tell them in detail about the accident scenario, so as to make sure your side gets recorded. Find witnesses riding on the bus with you or some onlookers who witnessed the accident. On your mobile, you can record the extra insight of passengers and bystanders.

Capture pictures

Accident scene pictures are helpful as courtroom evidence. Capture as many pictures of the accident and the surrounding areas including traffic signs, stop lights, skid marks and more. Lawyers can find such documented evidence very helpful during negotiations.

Keep record of every medical expense

Make sure that all the expense against medical treatment form bus accident injuries get recorded. It will help to determine financial damages suffered. This includes doctor’s visits, physical therapy, gas bills during hospital visits, and any other related cost.

Contact your lawyers in Colorado, even if your case looks straightforward because opposition can be anticipated from the bus driver’s insurance provider. In addition, you can miss opportunity to get compensation from responsible parties like the bus manufacturer, bus owner, or even city [highway defect].

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