Want to Plow in Residential Driveways or Streets?

Whether you want to battle with snow in the driveway or planning for business for residential snow removal, following are few helpful tips to prepare by using proper technique for plowing and plowing safety for maximizing your plowing efficiency for this season.

  • Try to understand about the equipment for plow or spreader.
  • Try to get familiarity with the areas.
  • If driveways are too long and curvy then stake the driveway for avoiding to damage lawn or landscape.
  • Also, consider drainage as the snow melts.

In case of short or straight driveways in Residential snow plow, just with back dragging of snow can work well. You can start close to top of driveway and then work back towards street to pull snow with you.

Following are few tips to plow efficiently different kinds of driveways.

  • Gravel or dirty driveways

For long gravel or if driveway is dirty, you may also consider putting mark where they may have any unexpected rise or dips on the surface.

Also, you must consult homeowner and try to seek their advice about where they exactly would prefer to pile snow and also how often they will prefer their property be plowed.

  • Driveways with garage

Where you have to plow straight residential area having garage, pull up very close to garage, and drop your plow to drag snow backward minimum two vehicle lengths.

Now pick plow up and then back, turning around in street and back to the area which has been cleared. This will provide straight shot by pushing the snow at driveway’s end. Finish by piling snow at driveway’s either edge.

  • Longer or wider driveways

In case, it is a wider or much longer driveway, then you might prefer to consider making a number of passes. If this be the case, then work from center outwards, and tilting the plow towards left and right to push snow towards either side of the driveway.

Working in such manner will save you time while doing your job, whether it is your house or your client’s.

  • Driveways that will end in lawn

In case, it is a long and straight drive which ends in lawn, straight push from road is all that will be necessary. Make sure in this case, the homeowner is quite comfortable having all snow piled at the end of the drive.

However, you need to make sure that there are no hazards for landscaping, or statues or bird baths etc. which may get damaged with piled snow.

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