Watch out for the Cues Your Car Sends to Let You Know It’s Time for Service

Too often life knocks us up with unwelcome news when we least expect it. When such a situation arises with our car, it is frustrating especially when you rely on your car solely for commuting to office every day or taking your kids to school. Unexpected car repairs which leaves us stranded is the last thing we want. More often people bring in their car for service only when they suspect an upcoming significant problem.

Ensure you routinely get your vehicle serviced. Paddock Imports Inc offers superior import car service at Denver. Their technicians are trained to handle all service needs of your car. Apart from routine maintenance there are signs to watch out for that hints us there is some underlying problem with the car.

Signs that your vehicle is in need of tune-up:

Engine warning light: The cars manufactured in the current age are infused with advanced technology. They come with a digitized display which exhibits straightforward signs that your car needs attention. The warning lights are designed to be illuminated when a particular part isn’t functioning properly.

Strange noises:  If your car starts emitting the following strange noises, get it checked before it gets more serious.

  • Whining sound from under the bonnet could be due to a loose belt which can further cause many other issues including battery and overheating problems.
  • If there is a hole/crack in the exhaust, you’d hear a louder-than-usual exhaust noise.
  • Worn brake pads causes squealing when you press the brakes.
  • Crunching noise when changing gear when there is problem with the gear box

Stalls: This is one the most overlooked signs. Many don’t take it seriously and go on using their vehicle. Sudden stalling implies that there is an underlying problem with the engine. It could be due to clogged fuel filters or faulty spark plugs.

Ignition problem: A fully operating vehicle would always have a smooth start when you turn the key in the ignition. If you notice stutters, whirring or coughs when turning the key many times to start your vehicle, there could be a problem with the starter motor or battery.

Reduced ride comfort: If you feel like your car is riding low, exhibits reduced performance, hear your tires scraping on the wheel arc, it is time to get your car checked.

It is always best to practice prevention. Don’t wait until you find something wrong. Book in for regular service.

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