What are the Benefits of Having ATV or UTV?

When making important decisions, it is essential to be very aware of all the options available to you and adding a new vehicle to your arsenal is also no exception. You can buy an ATV or UTV, while you may get confused between both, so this article lists the benefits of both the vehicles to make it clearer for you. An ATV or an all terrain vehicle is also referred to as quad or four wheeler and is meant for solo riders. A UTV or utility task vehicle is heavier and lets the side by side riding which is why it is called side by side or SXS.


An ATV is always smaller than the UTV and is usually ideal for tighter spaces and quicker turns. They are more physically demanding to ride because you may have to straddle the seat and maintain balance at the same time for optimum control. But if you want to ride the ATV solo, it is the next level fun.

On the contrary, if you want to ride with others and if you consider safety as your priority, then UTV is the most ideal option for you. As UTVs are bigger in size, they let you ride with multiple passengers and is more comfortable because of their automobile style bench or bucket seats. The larger physique of UTV is also great as it is meant to haul and most UTVs come bearing a storage space that is a great way to pack your gear.


When considering costs, a stock ATV is less costly when comparer cote a cote, this is because, UTV has more safety features like seat belt, roll cage, windscreen etc. and the endless modifications you can make. While both the vehicles can be customized for performance, but the famous UTV modifications like power steering, four wheel independent suspension and specialty lighting will add more to the budget.

When it comes to budgeting the off road vehicle, always ensure to consider safety gear and accessories such as protective clothing, helmets, heavy duty boots, gloves and loading ramps for the easy transportation. If these extra equipment goes way beyond your budget, then you must save up more money before you buy anything.

Lifestyle and functionality

If you want to ride solo, save money, get a thrill of high speeds, then ATV is ideal for you. But if you need something with more functions, safety features, gear and being able to customize the vehicle for safety reasons, then UTV is ideal for you.

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