What Should You Do if You Lost Your Car Keys with No Spare Keys to Help?

It may become stressful for you to lose the car keys. Suddenly you come to know, and it may become difficult to access the car. Now, what is the option you have? Firstly, it is necessary to keep your calm if you have lost your car keys. It is possible to get inside your car within half an hour once you take the help of an automotive locksmith.

If you have lost your car keys, you can handle the situation in various ways, such as:

  • Visiting Dealership – It is costly and is not advisable in an emergency
  • Solving Independently – It is possible to solve it on your own if you have the necessary knowledge and tools
  • Contact Locksmith – Can reach your place instantly. And will provide a quick solution. It is cheaper than a dealership.

What is the Car Key Type that is Lost?

The first critical information that your automotive locksmith requires is the make of the car key that went missing to perform his job efficiently.

1. Transponder Chip Keys

Transponder chips are there in every key of the new cars. It is for the specific car itself. Every car key made in the last two decades has an immobilizer system.

To start your car a transponder key is required embedded with an electronic chip. If you happen to lose such a car key or suppose it breaks, then turning the ignition and chance of re-starting your car becomes difficult. It becomes mandatory to replace the transponder chip key.

2. Remote Key Fob

Remote Key Fob is usually an entry push-button key that is keyless. It controls the door locking of the car. These types of keys silence any alarm system in the car.

3. Non-Remote Car Keys

There is no remote-control function and remote central locking in the non-remote keys. This kind of key is a ‘copy key’.

What is the Next Step Once My Car Keys are Lost?

The first step would be to contact a reliable locksmith. The main task of the automotive locksmith would be reprogramming the locking system. Another solution that a locksmith gives you is the reconfiguration of the ignition and the door lock. It also depends on the age of the car.

There is some information needed to make the locksmith job easier to take you back in your car. Before starting the task, it is necessary to provide the following information:

What is the Importance of the Information in Making the Key?

Some of the information is a technology that will help in the reprogramming of the key. It is also for confirmation that you are the car owner. Imagine if the locksmith skips the verification, then everyone can call for the locksmith and make him unlock any car they want.

What Car Key Model can a Locksmith Assist You?

A qualified and experienced locksmith is the master to assist you with any models and make of the car. It can range from a simple family car to luxury and exotic cars. In some instances, a locksmith will be unable to provide a solution for a specific car model. But he can guide you to someone who can resolve your car key issue.

Can Car Key be Made in the Absence of the Original Key?

The answer to it is yes. Almost every qualified locksmith does possess technology and tools to make and program a similar key that you lost. You must have all the basic information about your car. It is enough for the locksmith to provide you with an identical key. The locksmith will be able to manage without the car key code.

Is it Necessary to Visit My Dealer to Get an Extra Transponder Key?

No, the services of the locksmith are enough to get the duplication of transponder keys. Most of the dealers have tie-ups with the locksmith, and they usually outsource the duplication job. It is advisable to contact the source directly rather than going through a dealer. You will end up saving a lot of cost by getting the work done straight from the locksmith.

Is it Possible for a Locksmith to Replace My Remote Key Fob or Electronic Chip?

Generally, a locksmith does have tools required to clone an existing item or make the blank one function by programming it as per the entry system of your car.

Is it Necessary to Take the Car to a Locksmith to Make the Keys?

No, it will not be required. The best part of an experienced locksmith is they are mobile and can carry the necessary equipment and tools. It is the primary difference between a dealer and a locksmith. To take the services from the dealer, you may have to tow your car to the workshop. But a locksmith gives you service at your doorstep.

How Much Time is Required to Make a Set of Duplicate Keys?

To make a set of spare keys, the locksmith would take around ten to 30 minutes. It generally depends upon the make of the key and transponder system complexity. In a rare situation of non-availability of blank key stock with your locksmith, he may have to order and then provide you with the duplicate key.

How Much Do I Need to Spend on the Replacement of Lost Car Keys?

You may have to spend between $50 to $350 to replace your car key. The cost also depends upon the model of the car and the work involved. Taking the services from the locksmith will be cheaper than the dealer. But there is no specific price structure of the locksmith. So you can take the quote from multiple locksmiths and can select the best one that suits your budget.

Be Careful with Your Car Keys

It is necessary to have more than one key so that the job of the automotive locksmith becomes quick and easy. Your car is not limited to only commuting. But it gives you the liberty to finish your task every day quickly and efficiently. Also, you can go to any place in your car anytime.

A lost car key can make you crippled for some time. But there is nothing to worry about as you can take the services of a locksmith to resolve your devastating situation. Today with technology, the locksmith will not take much time to get you back to your steering.



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