Why Off-Road Motorcycles Are So Popular

It is hardly surprising that off-road bikes are so popular in Australia, a country that is also a continent and if you want to explore the wilderness, an off-road bike is the best form of transport. Many Australian farmers ride a trusted 125cc dirt bike that can handle all terrain, while adventurers also prefer to ride an off-road bike, which can take you right into the Outback.

Yamaha Agriculture AG125
This four-stroke, single cylinder 125cc engine is very durable and this rugged bike has quickly become a farmer favourite and with a low-interest Yamaha motorcycle contract, you can easily spread the payment over a couple of years. It is often the case where the Yamaha dealer is out of stock, as this model is so popular and you can book a test ride via their website.

Camping Lifestyle
Many adventurous Australian people like to camp in the wilderness and with the right boxes or bags on the bike, you can pack everything you need for a camping adventure. Buy a solar power blanket, which can be rolled out near your tent and this charges a small lithium-iron battery, which gives you all the power you need.

Big Off-Road Bikes
Once you have gained some of-road riding experience on a 125cc or 250cc bike, you can graduate to something like the amazing Yamaha Tenere 700, a bike designed for adventure and extreme riding, making it ideal for the Southern Highlands. The 16-litre gasoline tank gives you a huge range of 350+ km and this sports-tourer has all the power you’ll ever need, plus a little extra.

Cheapest Form of Transport
There isn’t a cheaper way to get around than an off-road motorcycle, which gives you a few hundred km for a full tank and when compared to a car or truck, the fuel consumption is minimal. Rural roads are always in need of repair and riding a rugged off-road bike with adjustable suspension is the best way to travel.

Exploring the Outback
This is a favourite hobby for many people who love nature and if you get a group together, the adventure is much more interesting and planning properly allows the group to bring all the essential items they need for a week or more.

If you would like to view the entire range of Yamaha off-road bikes, a Google search will help you locate a local dealer and you can book a test ride on the model of your choosing.

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